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Before coming to Koenji Ken worked with TAFE Colleges in Perth and Gold Coast City in Australia ,where he assisted students to complete courses in Information Technology and Accounting - so unlike many English conversation teachers in Japan and Koenji - he is a teacher with practical experience.
This of course, coupled with his executive management experience in Japan and Australia makes him a unique English conversation teacher for those wishing to improve their ESL skills at his Smiths School of English in Koenji.

To help overcome the communication ESL hurdles Ken's English conversation school in Koenji aims to ensure that the students relax and enjoy their lesson - he treats the students as friends and uses his linguistic and phonetic/phonology skills to help his ESL students develop confidence by enabling them to rapidly improve their pronunciation and to build up their English conversation vocabulary. Ken strongly believes that the first thing that is required for students to master English conversation is for them to be completely relaxed during their English conversation lessons.

Ken studies Japanese so he is well aware of the challenges associated with being a language student and therefore during his English conversation class in Koenji he is able to empathise with the students. He doesn't allow the English conversation lesson to become boring, in fact he uses his linguistic skills to ensure that they are not only a learning experience but are also very enjoyable with plenty of laughter and variation.

Ken says that to fully master English conversation his students need to attend classes at least once a week to enable them to progress at an acceptable rate. Regular practise not only enables you to become more confident it also ensures that you are learning more, improving your pronunciation and adding new words to a rapidly expanding vocabulary.

Ken's students range from recently graduated students to experienced business people wanting to study business English. They include those who are attending his Koenji English conversation classes to prepare for upcoming overseas trips, to assist them in writing English emails and to ensure that they are ready to take up an overseas assignment. Of course there are those who wish simply to maintain their English conversation proficiency levels.

Although of course the major emphasis is on English conversation , the other macro skills of Reading, Writing and Listening are all an important ingredient of being able to communicate in and to comprehend English and these are also addressed along the way. It is also important to mention that Ken has worked with many overseas students in Australia on a "one to one" basis to assist them to attain high scores in their English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL.

In summary to master English conversation you need someone you can work with, who has the ability and experience to identify your English language, literacy and numeracy skills, who understands the importance of how your cultural, language and educational backgound will impact your learning needs and who can engender confidence and overcome nervousness or anxiety - that person will be friendly and confident and will encourage and solicit your questions. With all this in mind Ken's Smith School of English - his English conversation school in Koenji - appears to be the right starting point.

Toll-Free 0120-222-248 Tel 06-6351-9200
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