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This page is written in English for students. We want you to start to study immediately.
At Smith's School of English, you will see we provide high quality English teachers here in Japan. All teachers have a high level of motivation!
Hi, my name is Ken Stevens from Smith's School of English ・ Koenji. I lived and worked in Tokyo with American Express for almost 8 years during the launch of the American Express Card when I was their Director of Operations and later Vice President responsible for Telecommunications, Point of Sale and Information Technology. My teaching and business experience is extensive and I am ready to pass my knowledge onto you as your Smith’s School of English teacher.

I have had numerous years working in executive positions in a variety of industries, retail, finance, consulting (to Japanese companies), real estate and teaching (accounting and I.T.) in Australia. I have however since leaving Japan had a burning desire to return to Tokyo to teach English and therefore completed a Certificate in TESOL and more recently a Master of Arts (TESOL) ・ which has enabled me to improve my ESL skills and increase my linguistic and phonetic/phonology teaching ability for use at my Smith’s School of English Koenji.

I am an Associate Member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Credit Management, Associate of the Australian Institute of Management and a Certified Consumer Credit Executive of the National Credit Managers Association (U.S.A) and along with my MA (TESOL) a Bachelor of Commerce.

My philosophy on teaching is that every lesson should be fun and that you should gain some benefit from it. I strongly believe that the Smith's School of English, ESL system of limiting class sizes to three is a distinct advantage. I also feel that you must be comfortable making mistakes (if you don't make mistakes, maybe you don't need to attend lessons) The main thing is that we can all learn from our mistakes - you, me and the other students. My Japanese language ability is full of mistakes but I still try to use and improve it. I love music, all sports (including athletics, swimming, golf and tennis); walking and most importantly I like to laugh a lot. I love animals. My favourites are dogs and horses - but I certainly would never eat them. Yuk! My other love is travel, especially within Japan.

I am looking forward to working with students in order that they may attain a level of English conversation that far exceeds their objectives. If you are serious about speaking English then come to Smith's School of English. You'll find it a wonderful way to relax, have fun and master English conversation. I look forward to seeing you at the Koenji School soon. Make the decision today to be fluent in English conversation, and/or obtain high scores in TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS -contact Smith's School of English Koenji for a trial lesson.

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